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NFL Wild Card Overview [2019]

👤 Arash Zandi 📅 Jan 07, 2019 📂 NFL

A brief outlook of the Wild Card match [2019]!

The NBA "Bubble": A Look Back

👤 Kris Caballero 📅 Jul 02, 2021 📂 NBA

Looking back at the NBA 2019-2020 being wrapped up in the "bubble."

Calculating Win Percentages for the 2019 MLB Season

👤 Kris Caballero 📅 Jul 10, 2020 📂 MLB

A great formula to calculate teams with the best winning percentages.

The 2021 College Football Season Points to a Clear Future

👤 Kris Caballero 📅 Sep 29, 2021 📂 NCAA

The enthusiastic conjecture of a bright and happy college football crowd proves the odds of normalcy to be in our favor.

Rain, but No Reign in Belgium (Formula 1)

Analyzing the race delayed by weather, and the F1's handling of the event along with their live broadcast.

America Still Isn't Fond of Soccer (Football)

Since sports is all the rave, especially for betting, what's wrong with soccer (football)?

A Strike Only Rohn Morton Can Throw

👤 Kris Caballero 📅 Jan 29, 2019 📂 Bowling

While other pro bowlers have had this happen, only Rohn Morton can come this close to throwing such shot.

What's New with ACL Cornhole

What was perceived as a pastime played in one's backyard, or at a local carnival, has become a competitive hit.

Looking back at the 2019 Classic Tetris World Championship

Taking a look back at the popular puzzle-based competition!

First Impressions of the AAF (Alliance of American Football)

Looking forward in any expectations to a launch of a fresh, new American football league!

Prediction Apps and its Role in Sports Betting

Sports Prediction games have paved way for those unable to place bets in their state.

Upper Deck: 2015-2016 MVP Hockey (Box #01)

Cracking open a fresh box of hockey cards!

SPORTS GRAPHICS #001: ESPN Monday Night Football

Going over the impressive broadcast graphics of ESPN's Monday Night Football!