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(Written and published on August 9, 2021. Edited on September 19, 2021.)

KC Universal Sports Network was announced on July 25, 2021, set up and went online in August 9, 2021. KCU Network, this website's parent company, has made that very announcement, looking to dedicate and focus in on the world of sports. Also managed by the founder himself, Kris Caballero, this decision was a unanimous one, rekindling Caballero's love for the goings-on in sports, as well as various sports TV series, from pre- and post-game shows. To add to it was his love for the amazing sports TV broadcast graphics, praising and sending respects to the artists whose creations has made the sports viewing experience much more enjoyable. Despite the chaos that continues to plague us in order bring our energies at a lower level, sports is a great outlet to escape from the depressing revelations meant to make us worry and suffer.

Derived from KCU Network, our sports network company's goal is slightly different. While some visual content, such as video clips and screenshots, are shared on this website in compliance with the Fair Use laws, we're certain that various sports fans enjoy the quality and moments they wish to re-live again (similar to ESPN Classics). As a humbly growing company, our ideal goal is to provide moments, shows and particular games that defied memories and prompted endless discussions among fans everywhere, without any advocating of piracy and torrenting in any way. We operate in a very honest fashion, and are willing to listen to any option(s) thereof from executives, supervisors, producers and even the commissioners themselves. In short, the goal of this company is to become a humble brand talking about the quirky moments, as well as the most memorable, in sports, along with providing spotlight to the underrated and unique growing sports there are, along with legal broadcasting/re-airing of recordings straight from our personal collection, along with obtaining full permission without the worry of any copyright infringements.

Along with that, our network is also another outlet of creativity producing original content that relates to sports. This includes our originally-written articles and reviews of various items related to sports. Any original content, be it in video or audio format, are solely produced by us ourselves and rights of those are completely reserved.

Once again, we are an honest company and are open to discussions of any kind, happily learning more along the way. If you have any concerns with the information provided here, please use the contact form. Please state and be specific on which of the information you would like to know more about, have questions about or would like a better clarification on. For media inquiries, legal/business matters and/or any contractual information, please use "Media" from the drop down box. Discussions via video chat and/or phone call are available upon request.

(NOTE: This information will be edited and updated from time to time, without notice.)