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(Written and published August 9, 2021. Updated Sep. 19, 2021.)

Media-related content, from images to videos, are shared for entertainment purposes and are in compliance with the Fair Use laws. Whether required or not, majority of the sources are attributed and/or credited to its original creator/publisher out of respect.

Obtaining of these sources are found and researched via the Internet, using various online search engines. As for the video clips, and often times, full broadcast of games and sports shows, they have been recorded personally out of our own time and effort, paid out of pocket on subscriptions to both cable and streaming services. Content has been recorded personally since the VHS days, and have been archived to be kindly shared on this sports website. While we do not condone any piracy, nor encourage it, we here at KCU Sports Network are looking to find middle ground with production companies, sports networks and producers into confidently sharing these images and videos, while being in compliance with the league's rules and policies based on content, and copyright laws in general.

We are aware that any items posted on the internet are grounds among those wanting to snag a copy for a more open distribution, despite our limited responses from fans requesting full recordings of our personal archive. These recordings are held and protected from any potential "leaks" that may otherwise contradict our company philosophy based on honesty. At the same time, credits are fully given to those producing such content, and are fully obliged to link back to those with the original source from whence our discussions have originated.

As for you, the fans, readers and viewers, we simply and kindly ask you do not link the images and videos directly, due to bandwidth reasons, let alone steal the content then wrongly credit us for sharing ("wrongly" meaning the likelihood of us being described as a website that *illegally* shares content without accrediting the original creator/broadcaster). Despite all the browser tools and screen recorders that can be integrated to "rip" a piece of content, any content shared and distributed from this website should be credited to both ourselves and the original broadcaster to prevent any unusual areas that may otherwise affect our ability to run this website. We love sports as much as you do, and we thank every one of you for stopping by and sharing what we've published, but remember, we also ask to provide credit when due.

Any question(s), concerns, stolen content or notifying us about any posts we've made, let alone the information we have provided on this page, feel free to contact us. This Media Information page will be updated and/or changed without notice.