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Prediction Apps and its Role in Sports Betting

My picks to win Terry Bradshaw's money!

Sports prediction apps are all the rave, and yours truly enjoys playing them a lot.

There seems to be a new app fully developed and ready to download, in relation to sports predicting. After registration, one can play and make their best predictions—picks—by answering some questions as to what they think might happen, or is more likely to occur. An example we'll use is [MLB] baseball: Questions may include asking how many strikeouts a team is likely to throw, how many home runs will be hit and/or how many in-base hits will occur in the 7th, 8th and 9th innings. While one can make a wild, or a sharp-like, analytical guess could be employed when answering such questions, it heightens the uncertainty and excitement as the game(s) begin. Some questions ask which team will win, often times displaying their odd lines to give the player some clue as to who's the favorite and/or the underdog. All in all, it's very simple to play, a lot of fun, and can be played by those who aren't sports fans as well.

(Because anyone can play, we'd like to exercise any legalities in compliance with the law, depending on your state of residence, and abide the app's Terms of Use, privacy policies and its service contracts, to which you must agree prior to downloading, installing and playing the apps. While children can play, it's best to keep a watch on and proceed carefully in the case a win comes up and investigations are to be done, before rewarding the cash prize. Having shared that friendly warning, we are not, and you are not to hold us, responsible for any wrong-doings and/or breaches of the app's terms if you disagree and/or abuse its usage. Play responsibly, and account your own responsibilities, please.)

Cool, so what happens when you answer all questions correctly? You win money; No, that is not a made up statement. Seriously, yes, you win money, as some jackpots range from $1,000 all the way up to $1,000,000. With the right predictions, and a whole lot of luck, you could instantly be rich for making your picks correctly. Depending on the pool of players, even second or third place could net you a piece of the money pie. In other words, if more than one player predicts all questions correctly, they split the jackpot (i.e., if the jackpot is $100,000 and two players predicted all questions correctly, they both split the jackpot—in this case, $50,000). What happens if you don't answer all questions correctly? ...nothing. You don't lose any cash, given there was no money being risked, and you simply try your luck in the next game. Some prediction apps reward you points, so you earn some even if you didn't answer all questions correctly. It may not sound much bu it keeps the competition among others, or your circle, a bit more lively.

Sunday Night 7 on the NBC Sports Predictor app!

You're wondering why this is, and the reason is simple: Various states in the US have not, as of current, legalized any sports gambling/betting of any kind. While lawmakers have been informed about the rising popularity of sports betting, even sports networks producing shows about it and introducing money lines and point spreads/totals on pregame shows, many political figures, big and small, have made mention about introducing bills to legalize sports betting overall. During the time of this on-going pandemic, and its uncertain future when it'll end, the rise of placing bets seems to be the biggest, and rapidly growing, form of leisure going into 2022. Whether you're the gambling type or not, it's an opportunity to turn your bets into a small fortune thanks to the team(s) you hope would score big. However, due to the current economic market running dry, many folks have been hanging on to their bread, but taking chances to gamble it. While such decision to do so isn't the best one to make, which is a full discussion itself, we feel there isn't "the best" way in how you, or others, decide to manage your money. We'll say this: If you're not too confident gambling some cash, not knowing if you'll win or not, play it safe and save your money.

My picks for both Notre Dame and NASCAR on the NBC Sports Predictor app
My picks for both the MLB games and Sunday Night Football between Buccaneers versus Patriots on the NBC Sports Predictor app

With that said, sports prediction apps, we feel, are the perfect "prerequisite" to sports betting. We even think it may challenge sports betting due to its risk-less gameplay—akin to that of playing on a TV game show. We say prerequisite because these prediction apps cater to asking questions based on statistics and other numerical likelihoods, like the final score, in order to win. Focusing on such numbers also attract those who specialize, or enjoy, fantasy sports, which also enables one to focus on player stats, performance and plays. This is not to say that prediction games will kill off sports betting, but for those confident in reading and seeing line movements and predicting well, would see sports betting as an ample opportunity to bank in bigger bucks without ailing to grab a piece of the jackpot. Only catch is reading the odd lines compared to answering questions is a completely different feel, but it's one that someone will be able to fully adjust to. Also, because sports gambling's increasing popularity, uninformed players-turned-bettors may have resort to betting experts, to get better clues as to which team(s) are the best pick(s) to put your money on. Some of these experts are more knowledgeable than others, while some end up with a lucky bet from a random guess. Not to say sports gambling is tougher than playing sports predictions, but it's a different style of play requiring a new set of analytical eyes. Nevertheless, prediction games make a great pre-cursor for those who ever felt intimidated, or roughly uninformed, about the discipline in sports gambling. This also is not to say that those playing prediction games are likely to convert into gamblers, but it will introduce them as such, if they ever decide to venture further with their skills. This very same opinion could be said about those who play fantasy sports, as there are options to play for free or to gently "put the money where their mouth is." Because of the amount of money involved, and the high-level skills players can develop, one can make a living out of fantasy sports, or sports gambling. It's quite a stretch, but it is possible.

What do I think?

I love sports prediction games. My girlfriend and I play them all the time, and challenge each other's guesses while competing together in having the most points. We both, currently, live in southern California, where the state will allow voters in deciding to legalize sports gambling in 2022. If passed, citizens can place bets on their favorite teams, and be able to gamble on horse racing as well. I'm not sure how this will fare out, but as of now, the sports prediction apps are where it's at for us, and for majority of fellow sports fans around the country. Witnessing a fan winning $50,000 during the 2021 NBA Finals and most recently, seeing a prediction player win $100,000 on Sunday Night Football is absolutely amazing. Also, big props to those who still won money, even if it's a few cents or winning $10. "That's it?!" ...says someone who's afraid to take risks. (I remember some complete stranger yelling those two words at me, having eavesdropped on a conversation I had with my father inside a Las Vegas casino. I called that stranger out since he just stood around, with his beer and cigarette, too bashful to sit at a table and play. You might as well quit driving for fear of getting pulled over by the cops, right? Enjoy your nicotine and keep hating, coward.) I don't care what anyone has to say, as we know how challenging these prediction games are, but I still would like to congratulate those who still won some bread. If any one jealous enough to react saying "that's it?!" over your small winnings, calling them out is very easy; They want what you have, yet you're the courageous risk taker, and they're not.

I'm also no stranger to sports betting, as I have done so, in Las Vegas, as early as 2010. While my parents never took much time learning about the betting aspects of sports, despite both of them being sports fans, I took my research and put it to the test. Some games I've won, and some I've lost. My best one, so far, as I'm not a heavy gambler, was betting $20 via the money line on the underdog Nashville Predators (single game) during the 2015-2016 NHL regular season. The Predators ended up winning that night, and I won $45. Not too bad.

As of now, despite Las Vegas being my second home, I haven't made any sports bets, nor have I visited the city, ever since. Having discovered these prediction games has brought in a new kind of excitement in watching sports. It has also helped strengthen my ability to analyze and read team and player statistics and data, along with the fantasy side of things. I've expanded to watching videos and listening to podcasts from fantasy sports analysts and experts of the game, what they see, what they predict, and sharing any suggestions they have for those playing the games. Personally, I've played fantasy sports once, and that was back in 2015 (fantasy hockey). How did I do? Lousy, as I was in last place. I'd like to practice my fantasy sports skills and become better at it, but for now, prediction games have gotten my undivided attention. I'm loving everything about it, and it has brought more fun with my girlfriend and I. We both play the NBC Sports Predictor and FOX Bet Super 6 games, along with the occasional Jackpot Races. We're hoping to download and participate in more sports predictor games since it has changed our way of enjoying sports—in a good way, of course. BIG thank you to the sports networks, and their app developers, for producing such great content. While we're working to re-locate to Las Vegas, Nevada, we've been enjoying the fun out of our little sports talk, and researching numerical information to make the best predictions possible. In other words, sports games like these has brought my girlfriend and I closer together, as if we're not close already. Other than that, like fantasy sports, it's another fun opportunity to get your family, friends or your significant other to participate in a fun hobby that may otherwise net you some cash, if answered correctly.

Overall, its role should mark as an important one going forward. We're going to see sports betting legalized eventually, despite some quirks and ramifications, if any, but predictor games will certainly introduce even the most casual sports fans to jump in and try their luck in making the best guesses they can for upcoming games. Any growth that leads sports predictors into jumping into the sports betting ship shall be expected without any surprise (in contrast with fantasy sports players). Even though not all sports prediction players will turn into gamblers, as some fantasy sports players simply are happy just playing fantasy games, there will exist some who might use their skills to bank in a bigger cash return. All in all, due to the convoluted laws across the US, I think it was smart to introduce the idea of sports predicting to get fans and players of all kinds to participate and test their skills. I don't think it would even influence or transform the landscape in the sports betting world, but again, I make the theory that it's a modest introduction into sports guessing making the gambling part as the "advanced" level to which prediction players can expand to, if they're ready. Better yet, you can play both! Other than that, prediction games have created and eased a path for those residing in states with no legalization of sports gambling.

Even if you're not too fond of the sports betting scene, you can always play either fantasy sports or sports prediction games to get you a good feel for the games many fans are playing. Unlike sports gambling, which involves placing a bet, you have nothing to lose anyway with prediction games, so you might as well try.