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Los Angeles Clippers' New Team Logo

New LA Clippers logo

"Out with the old, in with the new," as the famous saying goes. Despite the fact that most folks welcome change, there are folks that rather want some things untouched. For you Facebook addicts out there, you likely recall the discomfort when web designers would change the layouts causing outrages among the masses. Sooner or later, it all wears off and we live with it.

"Change is always hard."
- Steve Ballmer

I'm not sure who the Clippers' organization hired to approve the new design, but this is a logo that's tough to grow with. As you can tell the acronym "LAC" are clumped into a rectangular space making one take a longer glance to get the brain to properly interpret what's inside it. When you find that it's "LA" almost completely wrapped inside "C," makes this the most confusing yet long-glancing logo design I've ever seen. Had the "LAC" been in one horizontal line styled in a sophisticated font, I'd say it's tolerable, let alone the simplistic white basketball illustration. For those brains who interpret outside to inside, you'll find it may come off as "CLA" which will stump the unaware. However, as mentioned earlier, it will grow to fans....or maybe not. The only moment I can think of where there was outrage among the change of logo happens to be in the NFL, with the Washington Redskins disapproved of the Skins' logo back in 1982 only to have it reverted it back to the logo used today.

Source and Credits to: SportsLogos.net

According to SportsLogos.net, the new logo is comparative to the NHL team Vancouver Canucks back in 1970. And if you're a baseball fan, it's close to the Chicago Cubs' logo design. Other than that, looking at that Canucks' logo....goodness gracious. Not to say other sports teams have had worse but that's what makes art so misunderstood. Besides all that, the organization gave it a shot.

Nevertheless, while an attempt in a change of look isn't a bad thing, Mr. Ballmer needs more important things to concentrate on with the Clippers. Therefore, change is good but some things never change.

Two words: Second round*.

*UPDATE 07-01-2021: In a rather belated report, the LA Clippers defeated the Utah Jazz in Game 6 on June 18, 2021, in the second-round conference semi-finals, stamping their appearance in the Western Conference Finals for the first time in franchise history (ending the 50-year drought). After winning just two games in the conference finals, Clippers went on to lose at home in Game 6 versus the Phoenix Suns, as they still remain one of the few only, and oldest, teams to never appear in the NBA Finals nor win a championship.