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The 2021 College Football Season Points to a Clear Future

Florida Gator fans in 2021 season. (Source: CBS Sports HQ)
Source and credits: CBS Sports HQ @ YouTube.com

March 11, 2020.

That was the date when lockdowns were officially in place, due to the breakout of a virus. Many were affected, lives were lost and the idea of "flattening the curve" by staying home was the viable solution. In the sports world, NBA, NHL and MLB put a halt on their seasons, then after about a month, laid down plans to continue at a later date. On the [American] football side, both NFL and NCAA leagues continued as scheduled, but without the attendance of fans. This went on as we entered into the 2021 year. Now, here we are in September 2021, what's new?

Back to Football, as NFL once marketed their opening kickoff season back in the 2010 decade, and the basking of open air, the vibrational connection we sense and feel with others, and the spirit of college football is at its highest this Fall. In other words, over a year later, our doors have finally been unlocked and became a pathway back to the world we know and love, going out and continuing Life without fear and any hang-ups thereof. In this case, college football is back, and there's no signs of slowing down (not even perhaps the next season, and the ones after).

There isn't a need to run through a play-by-play as to what happened since last year, as you and I knew of the goings-on and the various information spread throughout the internet as to what may come, the likelihoods and the effect on our liberties. In the US, as well as countries around the world, complied with what ever rules were implemented at the time, to keep people in place, and were followed as best as possible. Looking back, we all walked like pre-programmed humanoids without questioning the safety of such practices. This went on for a good while, until the summer season hit in 2021, and then...

We're sorry. Your attempt to reach a normal life has been disconnected or is currently not in service, due to increasing cases. If you feel you have reached this message in error, please check the status of your individual citizenship and try again.

Remember how frustrating it was to constantly dial a number you knew was correct, only to hear such message? Many people have felt the same way going into the middle of the 2021 year, and with the allowance of fans in the stadiums, the people have found some relief.

This relief was also met with vocal expressions of frustration that continue to plague fans. College football fans, along with younger millennials and Generation Zs, used this relief as an opportunity to vocalize their anger toward a tyrannical control over our individualism. Perhaps you've heard the chants going on in the stadiums since this season started?

Source and credits to: Clemson Savage @ YouTube.com
UPDATE (Nov 25, 2022): Account of the video above has been terminated. Gee whiz...

The message is clear, and will continue to spread until it becomes second nature, if it hasn't already. College football fans have had enough: Life is meant to be lived, and we want to experience that by being human. There's nothing worse than an entity telling us what we should or shouldn't do. Attending a college football game shouldn't be any different: Fans show up to enjoy a game, represent their schools and mostly importantly, have fun. Whether it goes one way or the other, the entertainment value of an American football game is never taken for granted, and is the staple of sports in our country. Sportsbooks and bettors across the country, for the most part as legislators are still working to push some legalization of sports betting in all 50 states, rush to bank in on the college football season as it's one of the busiest times of the year. Whether you bet on sports or not, you noticed one thing about college football, and that everyone is welcome—everyone. Nobody gave second thoughts about who you are/were, where you came from, your gender, your creed, your political or religious beliefs, your age, your skin color, or even...you, yourself. You attend games like everyone else; You watch the games like everyone else; You would wear attire, or own certain products, representing a particular school you fully support. You're a human being, like me, and as soon as the ball is in play, you were ready to happily lose your voice over screaming and shouting, jumping up and down to rev your team up and flaunt your fanatical spirit of the school you root for and the sport overall. Everyone is having a great time, and so are you. Nothing is hold you back because there isn't a reason to, but by golly if there were, they're already gone because the season started and the games are on.

The overall picture features people together, with faces lit, smiles and excitement all around. Hate is easy to harness but lasts temporarily; Love and Happiness are contagious and spread easily. We're finally seeing what it's like to be human because the negative energy will soon be casted out of Earth, as this is only the beginning. You can't stop college fans' 'love they have for their schools and the sport of football. The energy is high, and attempting to control and kill off those vibes is trouble waiting to happen. V for Vendetta, anyone?

According to Sports Media Watch, a website dedicated to tracking and reporting ratings in sports, viewership for college football has been nothing short of amazing—up at least 5 million on average this season. You can check out the articles reporting such numbers by clicking here. Along with in-person attendance, it's true what many have said: College Football is back.

A large yet tough crowd defies the need and embracing of liberty and social interactions among our fellow citizens. This season proves we've started our pathways of loving and learning what it's like to be human—humans that love the beauty and thrill of college football. At this point, there's no reason to fear, be sad or angry. Why? Let's just say Good will reign again. I mean, just look:

Oklahoma Football Stadium (Credits: SportingNews.com)
Image source and credits: SportingNews.com

Florida Gators fans (Credits: CBSSports.com and Getty Images)
Image source and credits: CBSSports.com

It's best not to lay out fear of any kind, as a tactic for control, among a populace that knows how to bond together for football season. This togetherness is only going to get stronger, and a united group of citizens enjoying games while speaking out against faces of authoritative control is something to fear most. Much like that old viral video featuring a bunch of bees working together to kill off the hornet who tried to interject and ruin their party; And also, like those large group of ants ganging up against a praying mantis who tried to feast on most of them, only to get mangled and eaten alive by the little army.

Let no fear get in the way of your living, college football fans. The "dome" is slowly falling apart—a situation we've been living since this started in early 2020. Enjoy the games, as will I, and continue to bond together regardless of [medical] status, skin color, creed and/or any differences thereof. We shall all enjoy the games, talk about the games, and wait until the next one. As soon as we continue to keep this simple tradition up, normalcy will have no choice but to be declared. We'll look back and realize we've all survived together, not minding the date when this mind-melting occurrence happened. That date:

March 11, 2020.


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