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Super Bowl 50 => Super Bowl 'Dabty'

Denver Broncos versus Carolina Panthers

(That arrow, by the way [=>] means "implication" or "implicates," if any of you study Predicate Calculus.)

If you've been trying to search for a sports article that breaks down who may win NFL's annual event Super Bowl (50), without all the play-by-play mumbo jumbo, I welcome you here at our SPORTSSOTROS! site. I say so because there isn't much need to do so, knowing who, and what team, will be awarded the crown. And already, judging by this article's title, you know who: the Carolina Panthers.

Why the Panthers?

Because the Internet has maintained various information past and present, our online usage has spiked up at an all-time high. With that said, one can revert back to the winners and who have preceded them up to this day. Look at the champions from 2000-present in the NBA: Lakers, Spurs, Heat, with one-time wins from the Pistons, Celtics and Mavericks (the Warriors will repeat—more on that in another article). The NFL is a tad different obviously but partially emulates a similar path. Let's remind ourselves of the past winners since 2000 as well:

• 2000 - [St. Louis] Rams
• 2001 - Ravens
• 2002 - Patriots
• 2003 - Buccaneers
• 2004 - Patriots
• 2005 - Patriots
• 2006 - Steelers
• 2007 - Colts
• 2008 - Giants
• 2009 - Steelers
• 2010 - Saints
• 2011 - Packers
• 2012 - Giants
• 2013 - Ravens
• 2014 - Seahawks
• 2015 - Patriots

The Patriots have won four times, more than the Giants, Ravens and Steelers, all of whom won twice, let alone including one-time wins from the Colts, Saints, Packers, Seahawks and Bucs. Where do the Panthers-Broncos stand? After the Seahawks' slaughter against the Broncos in 2014, the best thing for the diehard "head-strong-like-a-horse" fans is not to remember that year, hoping this Super Bowl seeks a much better performance. The team that has experienced that very same meat-cleaving chopping were the Patriots, losing twice against the Giants. The Panthers have lost in the Super Bowl, losing against the Patriots 32-29 in 2004. The last thing both teams would want is undergoing the same fate as the Bills, losing a mind-numbing four in a row from 1991 to 1994 (both of those losses were against the Cowboys). Patriots were the most recent back-to-back winners (2004 and 2005), and despite neither Panthers and Broncos playing in 2015, we won't see a repeat winner this year. However, the Broncos' last championship was back in 1998 while the Panthers currently do not hold any. After that Super Bowl winning-pattern look-through, here's the reason why Panthers will take it:

Cam Newton.

Notice the change of the guard in the NBA, now featuring clutch plays from Stephen Curry? The same goes with Cam Newton and the crew. Breaking the internet with his highlight plays, dabbing and giving footballs to kids after a touchdown should be enough. Besides, with fellow star quarterbacks like Peyton himself getting up there in age, it's time to look into the future. Most folks will then familiarize themselves with dabbing, while the rest will find it annoying. To that, congratulations Carolina!

A Broncos upset?

Easy to say this is redemption for the Broncos after getting stomped by the Seahawks in 2014. Although Peyton this year wasn't as hyped up as Newton was, despite the usual ups and downs, bringing home the Lombardi trophy like he did with the Colts sounds like the way to go. Talks of him retiring are still up in the air, but if so, what better way to retire with a smile knowing you brought home a championship? On the NBA side, the same could be said for Kobe Bryant, but because [this 2015-2016 season] the Lakers weren't the team everyone remembered back in 2009-2010, Kobe officially announces his retirement in dramatic fashion. Well, hey, we won't see Peyton writing a well-crafted poem saying his last goodbye to the sport of football, but unlike Kobe's Lakers, he can make it happen. He's already here, and just needs one—just one—win. Though if the Broncos win, it's due time for the long-time fans who have grown up with Peyton, finally seeing him back in the winner's circle. As the saying goes, "Respect your elders."

Most likely to happen:

Remember the Seahawks' final play in the 4th with Wilson's pass intercepted? That most likely will happen with the ball in the hands of Peyton/Cam. In other words, it will come down to the last play of the game (overtime?). If all goes according to plan, the team with possession of the ball in the last down of the final play will complete the pass for a touchdown. However, bad passes aren't uncommon and an interception may follow, making the opponent snatch the win. Sacked? Although it's unlikely, don't be surprised if it happens. Blowout? Doubt it.

"But Kris, what if you're wrong? Lol!!!1!6"

Uncertainty is what keeps us at the edge of our seats. This also includes our favorite series on TV and/or online waiting for that next episode. After all I've written, if I'm wrong, then I'm wrong. I personally am not a fan of either, especially since my current residence has now obtained the Rams, but Peyton has had a great tenure throughout his career that it's time to pass the torch (it's going from LeBron to Curry in the NBA). Then again, experience matters and could be the underlying message sent by the Broncos—take all that you've learned and apply it to your work so you can succeed. Unless "something" causes a sudden twist of fate, February may just be "Dabbing Month." Expect gigabytes of pictures of football fans dabbing in respect for Newton and the Panthers' win.

Cheer on, cheer well, drink responsibly and bet wisely for who you choose. Remember the things mentioned in "Most likely to happen," but promise me one thing: Don't riot if the team you chose to cheer loses.


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