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Vikings, Meet Your New Quarterback: Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick to the Vikings

Hey, don't fret: You're reading this on your computer/tablet/smartphone correctly, so this is not a technological fluke designed to shock and stun (such feelings rest solely on the reader—you).

It seems when a player breaks headlines, for whatever reason they've done for the masses to sit and talk about the next day, almost always, they're the target of trade. What comes first in my mind, on the NBA end, was years ago when Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups of the Denver Nuggets both sort of laid low, in terms of game play, having entered the first-round playoffs to lose the series against the Utah Jazz—a team they normally could beat[1]. That flub spewed "'Melo Drama" despite Anthony's indecisive plan in wanting to get traded/sent to the New York Knicks, whom the Nuggets agreed in setting up a trade before the deadline. Anthony eventually got traded to the New York Knicks, that also included Billups in the package[2]. Having used this example, brings the question:

Kaepernick, a Viking? Why the Vikings?

You can joke and say Oakland, but the Raiders have an arena-related relocation possibility in the works, so they're already busy (look at the Rams before they completed their move to Los Angeles). The Patriots? Well, that would be a snarky, yet hypocritical, move Kaepernick would even dare pursue, wouldn't you think? Mr. Brady would have something to say about that, if he hasn't already, but in terms of football, Brady is good anyway. While we can drop team names all day, our prediction is Colin Kaepernick will get traded to the Minnesota Vikings.

Easy: Teddy Bridgewater. Talk about not doing research, nor hiring anatomy experts/physiologists who can better explain the human body to sports media: numerous reports say Bridgewater has torn his ACL but no nerves were damaged[3][4][5][6]. I'm not a doctor, but doesn't the ACL contain clusters of nerves? It is in the knee, after all. His injury occurred during some warm-up in preparation before a preseason game, and to Bridgewater's dismay, he fell and his knee gave way. Our clumsiness can cause things that most would think won't even happen, like if you tripped and you fell but you hurt your back when most would think you'd land face first, fall to your knees, or something in the way broke your fall. Whatever the case is, Bridgewater is out for the rest of the season which just lowered the hopes of Viking fans hoping to get a shot in the playoffs, or perhaps, the Super Bowl. Who's next up, Sam Bradford, or Shaun Hill? Perhaps, but we think:

Colin Kaepernick.

Vikings fans reading this are already disgusted, and can't wait to blow up our DISQUS comments feed below this page and/or can't wait to flood our email inbox with angry and disgusted reactions having read such a nasty article on a fan-made sports page for the Internet to see (disclaimer applies). Any one of these Vikings fans who have strong knowledge in politics will feel this way, despite Kaepernick's controversy in sitting down during the National Anthem[7][8][9][10]. Not only did that issue go viral in a heartbeat, but caused angry fans to burn Kaepernick's 49ers jersey, accused him of being a disgrace to America, and some wanting him out of the country. Although Kaepernick has spoken out in defending his people, reasoning in defense of him sitting down, I find it pleasing when athletes take a stand for the people. Without going too much into politics (this is a sports website), Kaepernick may have stood up, by sitting down, against a sociological/political issue that's enough to stir a heated argument against anyone. However, him sitting down itself has caused huge uproar/debates on political news channels, internet memes and social media. Saying all that, remember this, folks: after everything has cooled off, everyone would suddenly forget about it, read between the lines, and [possibly] forgive him for it. Ask LeBron James when he opted out of the Miami Heat to go back home to play for his Cleveland Cavaliers....and won[11].

Look at the bright side: from a football perspective, at least Kaepernick CAN play. Just to give you fans a scoop of [brown] rice and chow mein to go with your Kung Pao Chicken, since you're already upset, let's look at Kaepernick's numbers back during his time against the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII:

Colin Kaepernick's Super Bowl XLVII Stats[12] (Passing) Att ([Passing] Attempts)

Cmp (Completion—via passing attempts)

Yds (Yards)

YPA (Yards per attempt)

TD (Touchdowns)

Int (Interceptions—via passing)

Lg (Longest Reception)

Sack (Total sacks)



Colin Kaepernick's Super Bowl XLVII Stats[12] (Rushing)

Att ([Rushing] Attempts)

Yds (Yards)

Avg (Average)

Lg (Longest Reception)

TD (Touchdowns)

FD (First downs)

This may not be the greatest stats for a quarterback who lost in the Super Bowl but we've seen worse, or even yet, their team never made the Super Bowl/postseason. While most of you still turn the other cheek, Kaepernick is a still a quarterback who can carry and lead a team. Other athletes have done worse and some of them were in trouble with the law and/or behind bars.

How ever you may feel about this prediction of ours, football moves on. And if the few of you Viking fans see Kaepernick as a superhero after what he did, congratulations on your new quarterback. Oh, it was nothin'; We were happy to tell you here at SPORTSSOTROS.


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