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John Tortorella Should Have His Own Show

With his uncanny coaching of the Lightning and the Rangers, and now the Blue Jackets, let's put his coaching abilities and its effects aside for now: John Tortorella should have/host his own show. Radio show? TV show? Whichever production company and/or network decides to print up a contract for him to sign, either the NHL themselves or NBC Sports Network, it'll be a nice opportunity for Mr. Tortorella. You know how Shaquille O'Neal has his own bit titled Shaqtin' A Fool? And also how NFL writer Mike Florio has ProFootballTalk? Tortorella should have his own, but a little bit more in contrast similar to ProFootballTalk.

Some hockey fans may not like the idea; Some actually wouldn't mind at all. A reminder? Here's a TSN's Top 10 John Tortorella Moments video:

I know it's a ridiculous idea to give him his own show, but then again, ESPN has a show for Stephen A. Smith and Rick Bayless. While waiting for the big game(s), the day goes well with breakfast knowing you can watching two men arguing over sports topics and issues of the day/week/month. While we can sit back and drop names of athletes, coaches and/or analysts who have exploded at one time, nobody does it better than Mr. 'Torts.' Think about it: that's the same attitude you have when you deal with someone who's so uninformed, lack any common sense and have no respect whatsoever, that you just want to "Tort" them off (if that isn't a term already). Let's say you're an athlete/coach at a post-game interview and you lost. You suddenly get this:

"Why did you lose tonight? What happened?"

We can think of so many reasons why a team would lose, and since you're the athlete or coach, being asked what had happened just gave you the awful feeling that a brain cell just bursted dead. In other words, dumb questions like these are about to make you dumber. How would you answer? If the loss was that bad, you'd "Tort" out that journalist for such a wretched question, especially if s/he didn't pay attention to the entire game. Losing games you know you were supposed to win can also cause frustration, thus not wanting to talk to anyone. Fans who can relate to Tortorella's attitude know why he is the way he is, and I know how he feels. (You'd react the same way if someone told you that flying on a broom, á la Harry Potter, is not real.)

Tortorella admits he's not trying to be "entertaining" nor is he causing any controversy (let's not jump ship with that yet). In an interview with Bob Costas in Costas Tonight back in 2012, Tortorella said these:

"I'm not looking to disrespect people, but I also have a tough time in answering questions that, really, they have the answer to. It's to fill their blogs, to fill their 'tweeters,' or whatever you call that stuff—the Twitter accounts and all that. I'm not too interested in the social media. I'm more wrapped up with the hockey club at that time and that's my total focus."

"I totally understand that these men and women have a job to do. I totally understand that. ... So it's certainly not to try to hurt anybody. ... I'm not looking to disrespect people. There are a few people in there that I absolutely have no respect for, I'll admit that. But I still know that they have to do their job."

(About calling some reporters "idiots") "I think sometimes there has to be an accountability from the reporters also, as far as how far they present themselves and how they go about their business. Again, it's easy to say I'm sorry. I'm not sorry for most of the things I said; I wish I handled it a little bit better with certain people because I've got some good friends there."

While he knows the reality of things, Tortorella still stands by his attitude/comebacks, not looking to be any "nicer." Costas asked if Bettman or any upper management told him to cool down, but never made mention of that happening. Then that means it's totally okay, right?

To broadcast executives of the NHL and/or NBC Sports Network: Tortorella may be busy coaching but give him his own show. Sure, he may breach parts of the contract you'll give him, like using profane language, but him critiquing the madness around the hockey league only adds to the mystique. He's got things to say, and the way he says it entices enough viewers/listeners looking to tune in.

I wanted to share this idea not because of Tortorella's attitude that's given him his own "Top 10" moments, but it was partially inspired by ROME hosted by Jim Rome which airs on the CBS Sports Network. NBC should have that one man able to break knee-caps with his words, rants and criticism. No better than Tortorella to be given that opportunity.

With a slew of new athletes representing "new school hockey," not all youngsters ought to have it easy, nor should the Cup be handed to them just for skating on ice. We need that voice that remind the youngsters that Winning is work, and Tortorella is the one to do it.