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Houston, YOU have a Problem

Houston Texans

"Um, Kris it's 'we,' as in 'Houston, we have a problem.'" I know it's "we," but I'm not a part of this problem (out of sheer respect, I never was a Texans fan). What's the problem?

Chiefs' head coach Andy Reid lashed at the Texans for flopping back in Week 2[1]—something that's become a blood-boiling issue in the NBA. While it's easy to slander your opponents after a loss, we here at SPORTSSOTROS feel something is abound with the Texans:

Super Bowl 51 will take place in Houston.

While we can say there may be a little leeway for the Texans, it may just be they could be in the running this postseason, due to home field advantage. Along with that prediction is another one now that we talked about this for the Internet world to read:

October 09, 2016: Week 5 - Houston Texans at Minnesota Vikings
October 16, 2016: Week 6 - Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans

Mark these games.

Writing this, the Texans are 3-1. Not as great as 4-0, but it's a modest one so far. Since Houston are in discussions about the likelihood of a solid season, questions will arise when these games are played. Play-by-play analysis? No need to.

It happens a lot: when a team becomes the talk of the town, perhaps even the favorite(s) in sports betting, things change when their next game is scheduled. You know what people say, "when it becomes mainstream, it's not fun anymore." While we're heading into the halfway mark of the season (gosh, that was fast), we feel the Texans still have a running. And being that the biggest event in the US takes place in Houston, wouldn't it be nice to use this opportunity to represent your city by you and your townspeople? Makes sense.

The point of this article is to ease the hype of the Texans, especially of you're a sports bettor. If you happen to be one, judging by the title of this article, HOLD BACK YOUR BETS FOR THE TEXANS IN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS. Like texting while driving, it can wait, although, you can place your bets, or food, on some of the other games in those weeks. It is so because there seems to be fog hovering over [a] team(s)/athlete(s)/coach(es) that become the favorites, the subject of talk, and of course, an increase in bandwagon fans. Yes, we get it, they're good. Such results will make you rethink the Fate of the Texans but don't despair; It's just temporary for the next two weeks.

You're likely thinking, "then the problem must be the Vikings and/or the Colts."

Keep those two teams in mind as the season progresses. You'll see.


1. NFL.com: Reid accuses Texans of flopping late in Sunday's loss